What we do

Office cleaning & hygiene

Office cleaning

Delivering cleaning services in commercial environments is our bread and butter – we have the equipment, skills and proven procedures to competently tend to each of your requirements.

In providing cleaning services, our staff first and foremost live by our number one rule for cleaners: Be thorough! Beyond this basic mantra (which, as simple as it is, covers most required activities!), highlights of our service includes:

  • Comprehensive, flexible cleaning
  • Responsive, ongoing relationships
  • A commitment to the environment - we work with you to develop the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to clean your areas and to dispose of waste.  
  • Complex cleaning - we tailor our service to the particularities of your environment: whether it native timber paneling or high-end surfaces, we have the expertise to manage the most sensitive environments. 
  • The best and safest equipment – we use the correct equipment to match the task.


Hygiene products

Supercare provides all core cleaning and hygiene services using our in-house teams – providing One Stop Shop service delivery to our customers. Our range of services includes sanitary and deep clean services which other companies will often subcontract to other providers. 

By delivering these services using our specialist in-house teams we provide a greater level of reliability, quality control and consistency in service. It also makes life easier for you – as you only need to make one phone call to arrange all of your cleaning needs. The One Stop Shop service delivery model could allow you to rationalise your contracts and points of contact – leading to efficient contract management.

Our deep clean service is, we believe, more thorough and superior to similar services offered by others. The TerraCyclic™ sanitary napkin disposal systems, serviced by our specialist in-house staff, provide no fuss, environmentally friendly waste disposal.  And, our use of Bio-Zyme Cleaner, a non-toxic cleaning and deodorising agent, does great things for the cleanliness of your site as well as being safe on the environment. These features of our service delivery are profiled below.

To supplement our extensive range of services we do work with third party providers to provide additional services such as recycling and waste bins, and a range of other property related services. Chances are we have an established relationship with a reputable supplier for any additional services you require.

We have found these products to be so effective that we now use them wherever possible in our cleans – resulting in cleaner, more hygienic sites, with minimal impact on the environment.


Building Services Contractors of New Zealand

The backing of BSCNZ

As a Building Services Contractors (BSC) member, Supercare has met strict entry criteria. Our membership means we have agreed to abide by the BSC’s Code of Practice which covers a range of commitments to quality, health and safety, legal requirements, insurance, dispute resolution and employment conditions.
As well as giving our customers added assurance of the quality of our service, our BSC membership requires us to commit to applying fair contracting principles and providing our staff with fair pay and conditions – commitments which align well to our company culture.
Our association with BSC also means we stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques – to make sure our customers continue to receive the best possible service.